You can filter all Shipvio shipments to your won requirements.

Filter functions

Base filters

  • Destinations of pick-up
  • Destination of delivery
  • Distance from pick-up or delivery destination - if you choose radius 100km, we will filter you all shipments in this radius so you don't need to select more cities.

Advanced filters

  • Date of pick-up
  • Date of delivery
  • Loading requirements
  • vehicle type
  • Weight
  • ADR


  • If you let the destinations "To" empty, we will filter you all shipments from destination you choose.
  • If you let the "Weight" empty, you will be notify about all shipments no matter weight is.
  • You can fill unlimited quantity of destinations from and to.
  • By the click on the button "Show map" you can see demands based on your filters on the map.

Save more filters

So you haven't to set all filters again and again, we will give you the option to save your most used ones (up to 6). You can just add bookmark by click on the plus + button. Bookmarks are automatically saved for you for the next time.

Names of bookmarks

A bookmark will automatically rename by your parameters of destinations. 

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