New demand

Create new demand is really simple with Shipvio.

After you sign up to aplication, go to button New demand.

This button will bring you to the form, where we ask you for information inevitable for your shipment.

Choose your demand typeSimply choose if you want to ship full truck or less than truck and than the type of truck.

Add additional information and other special demands if so

Last but not least, you just fill addresses from and to where you want to delivery you shipment.


  • some details will be important mainly in the next steps so you can skip that details and fill them later. Like f.e. contact details at pick-up and delivery place.
  • Create a templates from your demands and it will be more easy for you in the future.
  • In the right corner you will see a summary of your shipment.

When you have the form filled you can just continue to confirmation and put your demand on the Marketplace!
Carriers will be contacted immediately and you well see your price offers in minutes.

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